Fancy laying a bet on BetConnect? The process couldn’t be easier with our exclusive Lay Side. Simply follow these easy steps to be the bookie and lay a bet.

  1. Select the ‘Lay Side’ toggle at the top of the homepage.

  2. When you first arrive you’ll be presented with bets from all sports for you to select from.

  3. Want to lay a bet within a specific sport? Simply choose a sport on the left hand side. The green dot tells you if there are new bets to view in each sport.

  4. The filters on the right hand side let you filter bets by the maximum odds and bookmaker odds.

  5. You can scroll through the available bets using the arrow and see bets you have already viewed in the tab if you change your mind.

  6. Once you have made your choice, check the amount of stake available to be matched and choose how much you want to match. Your liability is automatically shown so you know how much you’re betting.

  7. Lastly, click 'Match This Bet' once you are ready to stake your liability.

  8. Fancy putting more on the same selection? Make use of our 'Match and More' feature allowing you to stake more on the same selection.

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