To be able to create a new Bet Request, you must have a Pro user account. We do not currently allow Punters to create Bet Requests.

Once you have logged into your Pro account, you can click on the 'Create Bet Request' link to begin creating your Bet Request.

First select the Sport which you want to create your Bet Request for.

Select a Sport

Once you have selected the Sport, you will be prompted to select the Event. For Horse Racing, this will be a full list of all race meets for which you can create Bet Requests. For other sports, it will be a full list of available competitions for which you can create a Bet Request.

Under each race meet or competition, you will have a dropdown list of all the events for that meet or competition. Once you select the event you want, you will be taken to the main Bet Request screen as shown below.

Horse Race Bet Request

Create a Horse Racing Bet Request

Other Sport Bet Request

Create a Football Bet Request

Selecting the relevant parameters for your Bet Request, whether that's Selection or Market and Selection, the Price dropdown will automatically be populated with the current best odds available at the leading bookmakers for your selections. We automatically select the best price but you can change this if you want to.

The next step is to enter how much you wish to bet by entering the amount in the Stake field. We will then automatically calculate the commission to be paid, and present the total available balance required in your account to submit the Bet Request.

If you wish to limit the amount any single punter can receive for your Bet Request, you can enter a maximum amount in the field provided. This will ensure no punters receive a Bet Request above this amount.

Once you're happy with the Bet Request you can click on 'Submit Bet Request'. If you have sufficient funds available, your Bet Request will be submitted and you will receive confirmation onscreen. If you do not have sufficient funds available, you will be prompted to make a deposit.

Once submitted, you can monitor the matching of you Bet Request on the 'Active' tab of your Bet Request menu. The amount matched for each Bet Request will update in real time as our network of punters open and match them.

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