The betconnect algorithm uses a number of different parameters and attributes from your account details and settings to send you the most appropriate Bet Requests to match those attributes. One of the key settings that informs the value of the Bet Request you received is the Max Punter Liability or MPL. This was set when you registered and there was a range of values that you could select from as shown below:

£5 - £50

£5 - £100

£5 - £200

£5 - £500

£5 - £1000

If you are receiving Bet Requests that are too large for you to Match, you can easily update your MPL by going to the 'Accounts Settings' -> 'Account Settings' Menu as shown below.

Once you have updated this setting you should only receive Bet Requests that match these levels. If you continue to experience problems, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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