As a punter, we will message you via email or Whatsapp when we have a Bet Request from a Pro that matches your personal account profile. 

When you login to betconnect after receiving a notification, you will be presented immediately with the Unlock screen. Once you have unlocked a Bet Request, you will have 15 minutes in which to Match the Bet Request.

You can already see the Pro who sent it, the sport and the event. To unlock the Bet Request and view the full details of the Bet, you need to click on 'Unlock Bet Request'.

If you do not have sufficient funds for the Bet Request allocated to you, you will be prompted to deposit into your account. If you don't want to deposit funds into your account, you should reject the Bet Request in which case you wont see the details. If you think that that Bet Request was too large, you should consider changing your MPL as shown here.

If you have sufficient funds in your account, you will be shown the full details of the Bet Requests, including the stake allocated for you and the bookmakers currently offering the same price or better for the Bet Request you've been sent.

Review the Bet Requests details and then Match the amount you've been allocated. The Match amount for the allocated stake will be calculated for you and displayed on screen for you.

Once you've entered the correct stake and pressed on 'Match', it's now time to decide whether you want to 'Copy, Follow or Lay'. Remember:

Copy - Where you place the same stake as the Bet Request, at a bookmaker of your choice offering the same odds or better.

Follow - Where you place a higher stake than the Bet Request, at a bookmaker of your choice offering the same odds or better.

Lay - Where you choose to bet against the Pro, Lay their Bet Request and take no further action.

We will ask you onscreen after you've Matched, what you chose to do. Please let us know so that we can continue to evolve our product offering.

Once you've taken the action you decided, it's time to sit back and wait until the event runs and the bets are settled.

All monies will be settled as quickly as possible following the final result being announced and confirmed.

Don't forget that if the bet wins, your betconnect account balance will not change but your bookmaker balance (if you chose Copy or Follow) will be credited with your winnings!!

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