You can stop a Bet Request at any time when it has not expired or been fully Matched. However, it is important to note that punters may still be in the process of matching that Bet Request and therefore your Bet Request may continue to be Matched for up to 15 minutes after you've clicked on the 'Stop Bet' button. As such, your Matched amount may continue to increase until this 15 minutes is concluded.

To stop a Bet Request, login to your account and click on the 'Active' Bet Requests tab under the 'My Bet Requests' menu item.

Find the Bet Requests that you want to stop and click on the 'Stop Bet Request' button as shown below.

The button will then change to confirm that your bet is Pending Stop whilst it waits for any more Matches to be finalised.

Once the Bet Request is confirmed as stopped, the button will change to confirm with the messages 'You have stopped this Bet Request' as below.

The Matched Amount displayed once the Bet Request is confirmed as stopped is the final amount that you will be required to bet. All remaining unmatched funds and fees will be credited back to your account.

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