Monitoring an active Bet Request is simple. Once you've logged into your account, if you click on the 'Active' tab of your 'My Bet Requests' menu item, you'll see all the Bet Requests that are either currently being Matched by punters in the betconnect network, have expired, have been Matched in full or have been stopped by you. All of these statuses are considered 'Active'. When a Bet Request has been settled, you can view it on the 'Settled' tab.

As a Bet Request is Matched by punters, you will see the progress bar update in real time, showing you how much has been matched towards your total stake as shown below.

If at any time you want to Stop your Bet Request, you can just click on the 'Stop Bet Request' button. More details on the 'Stop a Bet Request' process can be found here.

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